Sunday, 29 May 2011


Food may not be the most passionate thing in me, but I can't help being attracted by this celebrity chef's character in his reality show, Hell's Kitchen. A cocky fella yet many love to hate him :)

I stumbled upon this video of Gordon Ramsay in Malaysia. It's especially interesting as part of the clips were shot during last year's Wesak celebration in Buddhist Maha Vihara Temple, where I was there too but was shooed away when I walked near the crews with a camera hanging on my neck!

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Real Biz?

Most of us get a little skeptical when approached by someone with a Direct Selling story; what more complete with pictures and slides of some lucky dudes beaming with pride beside a BMW or Ferrari, or in front of a giant gates that I can't possible afford (not to mention the house behind it!).

I can't help but wonder if these are real? I've seen some with only 1 or 2 products, usually wellness related, which they don't even bother to talk about in details. Never mind how it works, those are just techie stuff which we business people not interested in; we business people just know how to make $$, big cars and big houses, and we guarantee!

Perhaps these are the "pioneers" that give direct selling a bad name?


Maybe a company with real products - in-house developed by team of award-winning scientists, endorsed by many award-winning sports persons around the world, approved for sale in over 70+ countries, complete with an amazing track record in the NYSE - is not just another run-of-the-mill "John Doe"?

Check out this Herbalife on CNBC Mad Money video -